UPDATE: 04/10/2014 9:24am Utica Police say the students are now facing charges which include disorderly conduct, causing a riot, and resisting arrest.

Police say they are interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance footage. They say more charges are possible.

UPDATE: WKTV is reporting that witnesses say more than 100 students were involved in the fight after a female student punched a male student.

That sparked an escalation as more students then joined in the fray.

ORIGINAL STORY: An after school fight that resulted in six students being arrested is being investigated at Thomas R. Proctor High School.

The Observer-Dispatch is reporting that a fight broke out in the bus line as students were being released from school on Wednesday.

A Utica Police officer was injured, having twisted his ankle as he tried to break up the fight, but no other injuries were reported.

Charges have yet to be filed and UPD and district officials will investigate the incident.

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