Turns out there's a city in New York that people hate a lot more than the Big Apple.

America the Not-So Beautiful?

Port Of Albany
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There are so many gorgeous cities found throughout the United States, but there are also some pretty nasty places. A new national ranking from Travel.ALot.com decided to take it upon themselves to find which cities are the most haggard and hated of all.

In order to deduce America's most unsightly cities, they combed through thousands of reviews from Reddit and Niche and found the municipalities that were insulted most by state residents.

Unlike other surveys that pull from out-of-town visitors and tourists, Travel.ALot.com was focused on the unfiltered and somewhat uncomfortable truths from the locals.

In the end, New Yorkers didn't think New York City was that terrible on the eyes. Instead, they dogpiled on Albany and really let the capital city have it.

One Giant Greyhouse Building

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Reviews across Niche and Reddit lambasted the unsightly scene known as Albany, New York. Critics rallied about why no one visits the city for fun while others remarked if Albany serves a positive purpose for the state.

In one NSFW review left by a Reddit user, a city hater opined:

Albany, New York, just feels like a really big Greyhound bus station to me. In the summer it's kinda gross, but in the winter it's a muddy, gray s***pile. Whenever I've found myself there, I've felt like I needed to escape it — probably in an old-school bus with razor wire strung around it and sharpened broomstick handles protruding from the windows.

Even though the city hugs a river and has rolling hills in the far distance, people really couldn't get over the bland architecture and the not-much-else that goes on there.

On the bright side, Albany wasn't voted the ugliest city of all. Travel.ALot said that honor goes to Holbrook, Arizona. Apparently it's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it city that's located in the middle of nowhere and endures some pretty brutal winds that makes no one want to call it their home.

On the flipside of things, New York IS home to one of America's ugliest buildings. Ranking as the nation's fifth-worse eyesore, was 432 Park Avenue in NYC.

Travel.ALot said that residents there say the building looks like it is still covered in scaffolding, despite being completed in 2015. Even worse, that building hosts some of the most expensive condos in the state.

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Do you think America got this list right and that these are the ugliest cities in the country? Let us know in the comments below.

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