The first installment of Utica City taxes is due by May 31st and the city is offering three different options to pay during COVID-19 social distancing. If the first installment isn't paid by the end of the month, late fees could be applied.

The city is offering three ways this year to pay the taxes owed.  First is by sending the payment via the postal service.  Send a check or money order to the comptroller’s office at City Hall or payment can also be send to the Bank of Utica.

The second payment option is online. Taxpayers can go to and follow the instructions to pay via the internet.

A third option to pay was added this year due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Taxpayers can utilize a drop box located at city hall. Residents are instructed to drop their payment in a drop box slot located near the City Hall entrance. Payments should be made by check or money money order only, as cash will not be accepted.

Additional information can be found on the back of the current tax bill, according to the Comptroller's office.


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