The Oneida County Health Department says a fox has tested positive for rabies in the Town of Lee.

The fox tested positive at the New York State Department of Health Wadsworth Center in Albany.

Health Department officials say one adult was exposed to the fox and has received post-rabies treatment.

Signs of rabies include animals acting strangely, getting unusually close or drooling or foaming from the mouth.

Officials say if you see an animal, wild or stray with these signs, do not approach it and stay away.

Health Department Officials offer the following vaccination recommendations:

All cats, dogs, and ferrets three months or older must have a current rabies vaccination, even if they stay indoors.

Dogs and cats must receive a rabies vaccination at three months old, one year, and then once every three years.

Ferrets must receive a rabies vaccination every year.

For more information on rabies prevention, call the Oneida County Health Department at (315) 798-5064 or log onto


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