A Frankfort man who pleaded guilty to putting a hidden camera inside a staff bathroom at a Cohoes middle school is now being sued by seventeen teachers at his former school.

58-year-old Patrick Morgan of Frankfort is now named in a lawsuit filed in court on Tuesday by several of his co-workers at the middle school he taught at for more than 28 years. The teachers also named the school district in the lawsuit, claiming that the district allowed for an unsafe work environment.

Morgan was arrested on February 14th after teachers at the Sand Hill Middle School found a camera disguised as a cell phone charger in a co-ed bathroom at the school. The bathroom was used by male and female teachers, and by students with disabilities.

The lawsuit alleges that the administration was aware Morgan had a history of engaging in inappropriate conduct, and he had previously been subject to disciplinary action. The suit does not specify what "inappropriate conduct" Morgan engaged in.

The seventeen teachers who filed suit on Tuesday were victims of Morgan's hidden recordings, according to the paperwork.

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On Monday, Morgan pleaded guilty in Albany County Court to two counts of unlawful surveillance. The guilty plea satisfies all 22 counts filed against him and he now faces a sentence of up to six years in prison. He'll be sentenced on Jan. 25.

The lawsuit alleges that Morgan recorded 17 coworkers in various states of undress for the purpose of sexual gratification. The suit also claims that Morgan shared the videos with third parties and that Morgan received compensation for sharing the content.

Morgan also faces additional charges in Herkimer County where police say they discovered videos at his home in Frankfort, including videos from a hidden camera placed inside a bathroom at the home. According to State Police, Morgan was charged in February of this year with 11 additional counts of unlawful surveillance and one count of endangering the welfare of a child.

Morgan was placed on administrative leave at the district following his arrest in February. He resigned his position at the school on November 15th.

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