Design and layout of the new Downtown Utica Hospital continued Tuesday as hospital staff got another look at their future work spaces. And, they're also giving input on how to make it better.

Tuesday marked one of the final design meetings and fine tunings in the process.

Mohawk Valley Health System says 378 care providers in more than 150 work groups have provided feedback thus far.


The room mock-ups, including the Emergency Department, patient rooms, recovery areas and more, have been laid out in an MVHS facility on Seneca Turnpike to allow doctors, nurses and others staff to see and help sculpt the future facility.

''The directors and staff members, managers, are giving input into the design. The architects and engineers and interior designers are giving us suggestions on best practices based on the way other hospitals flow. We're going right down to the nuts and bolts to where the sink is, bathrooms, ice machine and going over each individual area,'' said Barbara Kantor, director of nursing for perioperative and interventional services

Hospital officials hope to have the new hospital fully designed by February.

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