Governor Andrew Cuomo began his State of the State speech tour On Monday.

Cuomo delivered addresses in Manhattan and Buffalo today.

As part of his"Middle Class Recovery Act," Cuomo pushed his free tuition plan for some college students, proposed more child care tax credits, and called for investment in projects he says will mean jobs across the state.

Cuomo also had a message of defiance toward President-elect Donald Trump. Cuomo said there's a belief that America's diversity, openness and acceptance are "in conflict with the success of middle-class working families." He calls that mindset "misguided and incredibly dangerous."

The Democratic leader is delivering his State of the State address at various locations around the state.  In addition to New York City and Buffalo, Cuomo will make speeches in the Hudson Valley, Long Island, the Capital Region and in Syracuse.

Democrat and Republican legislative leaders plan to skip the speeches due to what observers are calling increased signs of tension with the governor.


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