Senator Joseph Griffo is asking that the State Liquor Authority reverse its standards when it comes to repercussions that bars and restaurants may face if they’ve cited for coronavirus infractions.

Griffo says he understands that there should be consequences for businesses who violate the state’s statutes, but he says there should not be a one strike and you’re out policy.

The Deputy Minority leader says establishments should be given the opportunity to correct violations before they’re penalized more harshly.

Griffo also expressed consternation with directives from the authority that effectively bans activities in bars and restaurants that could lead to people congregating.

That includes darts, dancing, cornhole, comedy shows, karaoke and pool and prohibits businesses from advertising or selling tickets for musical acts and entertainment.

“Once again, we are seeing inconsistent policies that only cause confusion and erode the credibility of directives from the state,” Griff said.



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