Senator Joseph Griffo says he's deeply disappointed and disturbed by a State Parole Board decision to release Herman Bell from prison.

Bell was serving time for his role in killing two New York City Police officers in 1971.

Bell called 911 and lured the officers into a trap at a housing project in NYC. One of the officers was killed after being shot in the head. The other officer was shot 22 times and with his own service revolver while he begged for his life.

Griffo says Bell, who has never shown any remorse for his actions and doesn't appear to have deviated from the mindset that caused him to do this dastardly act, is now free.

"The families of the two murdered officers, as well as their colleagues in law enforcement, must now live the rest of their lives knowing that the callous, heartless and uncaring man who killed their loved ones is out of prison and able to enjoy his life." said Griffo.

The Senator is calling on Governor Cuomo to remove those board members who supported the decision to release Bell.

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