Deputy Senate Minority Leader Joseph Griffo, along with Senators Patty Ritchie and Betty Little, are launching a petition drive to repair the state’s broken bail reform laws.

The lawmakers are calling on Albany to restore safety to communities across the state by fixing the dangerous new laws.

Griffo says many of the individuals released under the new bail laws have been re-arrested, sometimes just a few hours later, for new crimes.

“Every day now, New Yorkers are waking up to news that more dangerous criminals are being released, threatening public safety and in some cases, committing new crimes just hours after being freed from jail,” said Griffo.  “Enough is enough. Albany needs to act now to fix these broken bail laws that are putting all New Yorkers at risk. I encourage anyone who feels strongly about protecting the safety of our state and its people to sign our petition.”

You can fill out an on-line petition on Griffo’s website.

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