State Senator Joseph Griffo is encouraging New Yorkers to vote against a constitutional amendment that will be on the November ballot.

Griffo says the amendment will return redistricting to a partisan, gerrymandered process.

He says the proposal would make it easier for the legislature and Albany insiders to decide legislative districts and representation for voters across New York.

Griffo says the amendment would essentially neuter the Independent Redistricting Commission established in 2014 and allow the majorities in the Legislature to redraw district lines that are favorable to them and not voters.

“New Yorkers previously supported a fair and independent redistricting process and having an independent commission free of political influence redraw legislative district lines,” Sen. Griffo said. “Now, the majorities have egregiously put forth modifications to the redistricting process that only serve to sustain their political superiority and will ultimately lead to perpetual power, which is not in the best interest of the state of New York.”

Every ten years, New York state is required to draw new district lines that reflect population and demographic changes reported in the most recent Census.

The senator was joined at a news conference on Tuesday by Kari Puleo, executive director of the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce, and Dianne DiMeo, vice president of the League of Women Voters, Utica/Rome Metro Area.

“The Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce urges all voters to carefully read and review this proposal as it is part of an important process that will shape political representation at all levels for the next decade,” Puleo said. “While necessary changes need to be made to the redistricting process, Proposal 1 is overly complicated and effectively weakens the voice of the minority party, therefore falling short of a truly independent redistricting committee. Additionally, the proposal curbs public participation in the redistricting process. For these reasons, we urge voters to vote no on Proposal 1.”

The proposed constitutional amendment, which is one of five proposals that New Yorkers will vote on this Election Day,

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