Here's a real estate venture that may just, ahem, take off.

Meet Bruce Campbell, a man in Portland, Ore., who just so happens to live in a jet. Like, a real-life (but no longer in commission) jet.

More specifically, Campbell's home is a Boeing 727 that had been flying the friendly skies until the mid-'60s.

It measures 1,066 square feet, so it's hardly the stuff of palatial estates in the Hollywood Hills, but it's certainly a good conversation piece.

It may seem like an odd living space, but Campbell says, "For me it's always felt completely natural."

As you can see in his Cribs-like tour of his residence, he more than makes it work, although there are still a boatload (or is that planeload?) of questions we have.

What does he use as an address for mail purposes? Do you need homeowners insurance or do you need airplane insurance? If the toilet or shower goes on the fritz, can he call a regular plumber? Doesn't it get cramped in the aisle when he invites friends over to watch the big game? And, perhaps most importantly, is he single?

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