The Herkimer County Community College Lady Generals are savoring this weekend's NJCAA Division III Softball National Championship, but their coach says it didn't come without controversy.

PJ Anadio joined WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning to talk about the win, and the close calls.

''The vision that Don Dutcher provides is absolutely incredible. It really comes down to the support, we're very lucky to have what we have there. The faculty, the staff, it's just been incredible,'' Anadio said on the success of the program.

Big Calls

  • ''There was a line drive that was hit down the line that their team thought was fair, the umpire saw it a different way and called it foul. A couple girls on the Brookdale said, and a couple of their fans, got tossed.''
  • Then, he says, the following inning, ''they had two girls on...they hit a deep line drive that Steph Siriano made an amazing catch on.'' Anadio said the catch was made four or five feet before the wall, and Siriano's momentum carried her into and through a make shift fence that was setup, because the girls were playing on the men's slow pitch field.

He says that scenario was outlined during the pre-game ground rules and it was explained such a play would result in a call of 'out', but he says Brookdale argued it should have been ruled a 'home run'.

On Siriano's catch, ''I can't wait to get the DVD to take a look at it [again],'' Anadio said.