Due to high demand caused by the hot weather, National Grid is asking customers in central New York to reduce all unnecessary electricity usage during the daytime hours today.

National Grid says the request is being made to reduce demand on utility equipment and maintain system reliability.

The record peak usage for National Grid customers in upstate New York was set in July of 2011.

Officials say usage so far this week has approached that record.

Here are some steps you can take to reduce energy usage

  • Put off energy using activity - Turn off lights when they are not needed and avoid cooking, bathing or washing clothes during this period
  • Unplug electronics - Even though your television and other appliances are turned off, electronics with little standby lights still draw electricity.  Unplug an y unnecessary appliances
  • Adjust the thermostat, use fans - To reduce energy use or your air conditioning systems set the thermostat as high as health and comfort will permit.  Using fans in occupied rooms instead of air conditioning also reduces energy usage