Central New Yorkers are bracing for near-record breaking temperatures this week. Here's how you can beat the heat.

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Break out the shorts and tank tops, because it looks like it'll be brutal for the next couple of days. Starting today, scorching hot temperatures are anticipated to get extremely close to the record high temps in some places.

How hot will it get?

Forecasters predict the mercury in some Central NY places will rise above the 90-degree mark on Wednesday.

But it will feel even hotter thanks to the heavy humidity that's blanketing the region. Currently, the prediction is the "feels like" temperature will range between  93 to 97 degrees today.

Unfortunately, it appears tomorrow will be even worse.

Extreme Heat Envelops New York City
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Thursday's forecast warns the heat and humidity will make it feel like it's 99-degrees outside in some places. It also could very well be the hottest day of the year.

Scattered thunderstorms are also in the mix on Thursday,

We will see some relief on Friday, with temperatures expected to fall to the low to mid-80s, but the high humidity is expected to stick around for some time.

How to beat the heat

Thankfully, there are several ways to stay cool during this heat wave.

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There are several splash pads located across Central New York that will help wash the sweat right off your kids.

You also can skip the splash pad and hit up a public pool or beach, instead.

If water isn't your thing, you can always visit a public building that has air conditioning. Movie theaters were my go-to when I was a kid.

But if you're looking for a day-long escape, New York's Department of Health has a website dedicated to connecting people with their closest cooling center.

Be aware of heat stroke

Heat stroke is serious and dangerous. It happens when your body loses its ability to regulate its own temperature, which causes your internal temperature to rapidly rise.

Some symptoms include dizziness, throbbing headache, nausea, rapid and strong pulse, fainting, and a loss of consciousness. Heat stroke can lead to serious complications -- even death -- if it isn't treated immediately.


The best way to prevent heat stroke is to drink plenty of water, don't exert yourself when outside, wear light and loose clothing, and stay indoors during the hottest portion of the day.

Stay cool!

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