Are you looking for the absolute best spot to get a sandwich in the Utica-Rome area? This list will not disappoint and will result in you getting a tasty bite to eat.

While looking up these seven places one thing came to mind, what actually constitutes as a sandwich? It almost is like the argument many have about a hot dog being a sandwich. I would say the same thing for a lobster roll. It is meat of some sort on a bun, so of course, it is a sandwich.

The definition of the word sandwich is an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other fillings between them, eaten as a light meal. So you can decide for yourself on that one if a hot dog or a lobster roll is indeed a sandwich.

Some places on the below list get super fancy with their sandwiches, and some go a little more of the simplistic route. Neither are wrong routes to take, and both will be delicious depending on what you are in the mood for. Lunchtime, nothing beats a great traditional Italian Mixed sub. For dinner, maybe something warm with a breaded chicken cutlet tickles your fancy.

Either way, check out the absolute best spots in the Utica-Rome area for a delicious sandwich. Keep scrolling too and see some other delicious food you have to try around the area.

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