It's all over for Governor Andrew Cuomo and what a fall from grace.

Last year at this time New York's Governor was enjoying approval ratings in the upper 70s and 80s. He was America's star governor during the pandemic. Ten-months ago he released a celebratory book touting defeat of COVID-19, even though the worst was yet to come in the winter. Now, the son of Mario is up against a wall after creepy allegations of sexual impropriety.

Many people right now are saying that Cuomo is stubborn and defiant like former President Donald Trump. "They'll have to take him out kicking and screaming," one person told me on Tuesday night. Many believe he'll fight to the end and actually survive these incredibly dark days. I believe that can't happen and in fact, I suspect he'll be forced to proclaim his innocence, and resign for "the good of New York" before the end of the week.

Here's why.

Democrats can not allow him to stay because they've backed themselves into a corner by taking the moral high ground on Trump and "Me Too" for the last 5 years. There's no way Dems can continue to criticize the former President who was caught up in his own creepy allegations when he was running in 2016. Democrats have yelled to whoever would listen that Trump wasn't fit to be President and that his indiscretions served as the great deal breaker for high office. Now, they've tolerated Cuomo's actions and waiting for the AG report and its release featured sickening details. Democrats now have no choice. Cuomo has to go.

On Tuesday night, they were all calling for him to step down. A member of his cabinet, Democrats in the Assembly and Senate, Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul (who's had his back), and even President Biden, among many others calling for Cuomo to "give up" and resign. I suspect his closest allies were negotiating with him as early as last night, urging him to resign with some sort of dignity by the end of the week or even sooner, otherwise, the legislature would move quickly to impeach. He has no choice, and neither do the Democrats.

Dems can't continue to criticize Donald Trump and allow Cuomo to stay with these allegations. The Dems can't be the party of the "Me Too" movement, and allow Cuomo to stay. Democrats believe they are on higher moral ground and Cuomo is disrupting that narrative,

The New York Assembly Judiciary Committee's impeachment investigation, which has been underway for several weeks, will reconvene on Monday. I expect Andrew Cuomo to resign before then. He might even resign today. We'll see.

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