The Herkimer County Emergency Operations Center issued the following release shortly before 11am on Tuesday July 2, 2013, regarding Point of Distribution locations for food, water and shelter:

Herkimer County Emergency Operations Center Issues Recovery Update for Residents of Impacted Areas

As recovery efforts continue across Central New York, The Herkimer County Emergency Operations Center has issued the following revised announcements for residents of the impacted areas:


If residents require food, water, or other supplies, the following services are currently available:

Points of Distribution (PODs, Multi-Agency Operated)

Village of Herkimer, Fire Department, 125 North Washington Street

  • Water, Dry ice (PM only), Food Station provided between Washington and Mohawk Streets

Village of Mohawk, Mohawk Fire Department, 28 Columbia Street

  • Water, Dry ice (PM only), Food Station provided between Henry and West of Columbia Streets.

Van Hornesville, Owen D Young School 2316 State Highway 80 Herkimer, NY

  • Water, MREs

Feeding Locations (Operated by Red Cross and Salvation Army)

Both the Salvation Army and Red Cross have mobile vehicles operating in the area to provide food, water, clean-up kits, and other human services items on-site.

The Salvation Army has setup food, water, and other human service operations at the following sites for Tuesday, July 2:

Village of Herkimer –Salvation Army office, 431 N. Prospect St.

  • Coffee and drinks 9 a.m. to noon
  • Hot Lunch noon to 2 p.m.
  • Hot Dinner 6 to 8 p.m.

Village of Mohawk—Salvation Army, Vacant Lot at E. Main Street and Bellinger Street next to the Family Dollar.

  • Lunch noon to 2 p.m.
  • Dinner 5 p.m. until gone

The American Red Cross (Helpline: 315-705-5293) has operations offering food, water, access to both mental and physical health services, and shelters operating at the following locations:

Mohawk Valley Community College, 1101 Sherman Drive, Utica, NY 13501

YMCA Onieda, 701 Seneca Street, Oneida, NY 13421

Call: 363-7788


Debris removal operations continue throughout the area and officials understand the need for debris removal from private residences. Any debris that requires removal by municipalities should be separated as best as possible and left between the sidewalk and curb in front of a residence. When putting out debris, ensure that drainage grates are not covered and traffic is not impeded. If you deposit your debris in dumpsters, please do not fill dumpsters beyond capacity. If homeowners have questions regarding hazardous material disposal or on-site concerns, they should contact the New York State Spill Hotline at 1-800-457-7362.


With driving conditions heavily impacted, and roadways continuing to be cleared of debris, officials are asking residents to avoid all unnecessary travel at this time and exercise caution when travel is required. If traveling through an impacted area, officials ask residents to be cognizant of speed, dust raised by your vehicle, and changing weather conditions. For information about travel routes along state roads, please visit


All abandoned vehicles including: construction equipment, campers, lawn mowers, snowmobiles, and ATV’s, displaced by the severe weather should be reported to the Herkimer County 911 center by calling their non-emergency number 315-866-0974. Law enforcement will be dispatched to the location to verify and track their removal. Law enforcement will coordinate their removal, as well as attempting to contact the owners of the property.
Any residence missing vehicles or motorized equipment should also call 315-866-0974 to report the missing equipment. Again law enforcement will track those reports.


Power restoration is continuing throughout the impacted areas. In the Village of Mohawk, there will be low energy levels for some time. Please use power sparingly and only for essential purposes. Essentials include: hot water heaters, lights, and refrigerators (please no air conditioners).

In an effort to restore electricity to storm-damaged areas as quickly as possible, National Grid announced Monday afternoon that it will reimburse a New York State licensed electrical inspector for the electrical inspection required before service restoration at a home or business. It is limited to one electrical inspection per property, and is available to all National Grid electric or natural gas customers in flooded areas.

For information about this inspection program, please call 1-800-260-0054.

National Grid still has operations set up at the following locations handing out restoration and energy efficiency program information and restoration kits:

  • The Village of Herkimer Fire Department, 125 N Washington St, Herkimer, NY 13350.
  • The Village of Mohawk, 28 Grove St behind the high school.


Food Safety

The following are recommended procedures to ensure food safety for items exposed to flood waters or other storm contamination:

Discard food without a waterproof container if there is any chance that it has come into contact with floodwaters.
Commercially-canned food:

o Remove labels thoroughly.
o Wash cans.
o Disinfect with solution of ¼ cup unscented household bleach per one gallon of water and air dry.
o Re-label cans, including expiration date.
o Discard food containers with screwcaps, snap lids, and home canned foods if they have come in contact with floodwaters.

Returning Home After a Flood

Stay informed – Listen to the radio or TV for instructions from local officials.
Wait until an area has been declared safe before entering it. Be careful driving; roads may be damaged and power lines may be down.
Stay away from downed power lines.
Before entering a building, check for structural damage. Turn off any outside gas lines at the meter or tank. Let the building air out to remove foul odors or gases.
When entering the building, use a battery-powered flashlight. Do not use an open flame as a source of light. Gas may be trapped inside the structure.
When inspecting the building, wear rubber boots and gloves. Do not step into standing water. Watch for electrical shorts and live wires before making certain the main power switch is off.
Do not turn on electrical appliances until an electrician has checked the system

Tips When Choosing a Home Contractor
• Beware of Unsolicited Offers – Avoid doing business with contractors who show up at your door or contact you by phone.
• Licensing Requirements – Make sure the contractor is licensed in your town or county.
• Get a Written Estimate – Obtain at least three written estimates, especially if it is going to be a big job.
• Get a Written Contract – Always insist on a written contract specifying all terms, timeline and breakdown of payments. Under New York State law, any home improvement contractor who fails to provide a written contract (for a contract over $500) may be fined up to $2,500.
• Do Not Pay Upfront – Do not make the final payment until all work has been finalized. Avoid paying in cash.
• Get Proof of Insurance – Get proof of the contractor’s insurance coverage.
• Check References – Obtain local references from the contractor and check if they are legitimate; know what permits are required.
• Building Permits Requirements – Find out what construction and building permits are required in your municipality.

For more information on Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor, visit:

To file a consumer complaint, contact the Department of State’s Division of Consumer Protections at 1-800-697-1220 or file a complaint online at


The Village of Herkimer will hold a town hall storm recovery update at 6 p.m., Wednesday, July 3, at the Herkimer Polish Club, 319 South Washington Street, Herkimer, NY. Village residents are urged to attend.

Additional announcements:

  • Residents advised to contact National Grid at the mobile response trailer located at the Herkimer Fire Department for any electrical or gas issues.
  • Trash concerns: Dumpsters located in neighborhoods cannot be overloaded, must remain level at the top otherwise hauler will not pick it up.
  • Street-side trash will be picked up.
  • Make sure to check the credentials of any private contractors prior to beginning work with them.


Due to the levels of dust and pollen released by the floods, particle masks will be supplied to residents starting Monday, July 1. Distribution of the masks will take place at the following locations:

  • Village of Herkimer Fire Department, 125 N Washington St. Herkimer, 13350
  • Village of Mohawk Fire Department, 28 Columbia St.  Mohawk, 13407
  • Village of Ilion Municipal Building, 49 Morgan St. Ilion, 13357
  • City of Little Falls Fire Station, 659 East Main St. Little Falls, NY 13365
  • Town of Herkimer at 114 North Prospect Street


With more rain and high winds expected throughout the region, residents are advised to listen to TV or radio if weather conditions change and alerts are issued.