If you're a local parent and have no idea what "bussin'" means, you're in the minority.

New York parents have a new feather to add to their caps - they are more likely to speak their kids' language.

Meaning, they are going the extra mile to stay on top of all the quirky phrases and abbreviations these Gen Z and Gen Alpha kids have created.

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How proficient are NY parents in 2023 slang?

According to a new survey from USDictionary.com, we're among the best in the nation.

The website quizzed about 3,000 parents on the terminologies today's kids are using. One word they were asked to define was, you guessed it, bussin'.

And for those who are still in the dark about what this word means, it's meant to describe something that's really great. Basically, if a kid inhales a piece of delicious chocolate cake, they won't call it "tasty" - they'll likely say it's "bussin'."

In all, New York parents slayed with an impressive 81 percent passing grade on the quiz.

Why does this matter?

Language is always evolving and the younger generations are always figuring out new ways to express themselves. I remember confusing my mom in the 2010s when I told her something "slapped" or that I "stanned" Taylor Swift.

Then again, how many millennials had to explain that infamous "IDK my BFF, Jill?" commercial to their parents.

Ah, memories...

While those strange and unusual words are now part of the general lexicon because more people understand what they mean, they've fallen out of popularity with the younger crowds.

It's to be expected. Every generation wants to find their own way to express themselves and own their own style of communication independent of who came before them.

Just as millennials separated themselves from Gen X slang, Gen Z wants to stand apart from the older generations.

And we really can't blame them when we millennials thought wearing multiple polo shirts or denim on denim was the epitome of fashion. Or that we tried to make "fetch" happen...

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What's interesting here is that this quiz shows the older generations are better at keeping up with what kids today are saying.

Experts are heartened by this trend because it means parents are feeling more connected with their children.

They say being able to understand all the weird but wonderful catchphrases and verbs when chatting with their kids means both parties aren't struggling to express themselves.

In short, it means this new quiz shows New York parents are better at communicating with their kids.

Said USDictionary.com's Shaun Connell:

"We hope that by shedding light on 2023’s slang trends, we can help parents not just 'keep up' but also feel more connected to their children’s world. After all, language is a vital tool for communication and understanding, and these new words are testament to its living, breathing nature."


How well do you know today's slang?

USDictionary.com is now quizzing everyone on their slang street smarts with an all new "Parental Prose" quiz.

You'll be challenged to correctly guess the meaning of 10 popular Gen-Z catchphrases.


While there is no prize, you can either walk away knowing if you can hang with the kids... or if you live under a rock.

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