Even though Lake Delta is just outside the City of Rome New York, how could that affect flooding in the City of Utica?

UPDATE AS OF 5:02AM 8/20

The following is an Update/Clarification on Utica Flooding from Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri:

The water levels at Delta Lake are not being reduced by Canal Corporation as previously thought. Rather, the water in the reservoir is going over the spillway due to the water level on the dam from excess precipitation.

In communication with State officials, flooding is imminent in the vicinity of the Utica Harbor including several feet of water in areas of Genesee Street and the warehouse district around Wurz Ave and Leland Ave along with other low lying areas adjacent to the Mohawk River. The City is urging individuals who have parked vehicles in these areas to move it to avoid flood damage.

The State is mobilizing resources to help with the anticipated flood recovery efforts. More information will be provided as it is learned. Thank you.


New York State is reducing water levels at Lake Delta overnight (8/19 into 8/20), which could cause flooding in parts of Utica near the Mohawk River. According to WKTV, here's the areas to watch out for:

This will likely affect North Genesee Street, Wurz Avenue, Leland Avenue and some side streets in that vicinity. There could be altered traffic patterns in the affected areas, so drivers are advised to use caution during the morning commute.

More details will be released as they become available, so for now please use caution. The City of Rome is currently under a state of Emergency.

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