What happened to the lake at Delta Lake?

Andrea Metz and her kids took a walk through what should have been water but is now all dry. "It was beautiful but insane at the same time."

Photo Credit - Andrea Metz

Why is the water so low? Blame Mother Nature and the hot summer we had in central New York with very little rain. "This is one of the lowest summers on record," said Dave Hinman who lived on or near Lake Delta since 1950. "It used to go this low frequently over the 50’s and 60’s. No need for concern. It is being dropped at a rate of around 1.25” per day to keep the Mohawk flowing."

A snowy winter predicted for central New York, will also help bring water levels back up.

You never know what treasures you'll find at the bottom of a lake when the water is gone. Sheri Taylor discovered a 1918-1928 era piece of history in the dried lake bed of Kettle Hill cove of Lake Delta. It was part of a Clorox bleach bottle, when they were sold in glass jugs.

Photo Credit - Sheri Taylor

Lake Delta is a a reservoir in Oneida County, created by a dam on the Mohawk River. The dam is on the south side of the reservoir. It was built in 1908 as a way to guarantee sufficient water for the Erie Canal. Today it's used to control flooding in the Mohawk basin. The reservoir contains 2.7 million cubic feet of water, according to Wikipedia.


Where's the Lake at Lake Delta