Some houses go for insane prices, but this million dollar house in Rome has a reason for its price.

What seems like a simple house, or what others have said even a small hotel from pictures, isn't actually where the home get's its value from. The property itself is only a 1.1 acre, 4 bedroom and 2 bath ranch. Not only that but there's an attached 3-car garage and a house next door also included on the bill.

Credit - Miner Realty & Property Management
Credit - Miner Realty & Property Management

With that being said, the other home does add tons of value as well. The 2 bed, 1 bath carriage house next door also comes with a garage attached. This is ideal for someone looking to get into the Air BNB or rental business. Maybe even an option to have the in-laws move in as well.

What the owners would say is the major selling point, where you'll have to dig into your pockets for, is the location the home is at. Situated right on Lake Delta, you will have picture perfect views for every season of the year.

Credit - Miner Realty & Property Management
Credit - Miner Realty & Property Management

This view can be made into a post card!

These breath taking views are like no other. Who needs to escape to a lake house or to the beach every summer when you can do it right from your own home. Many argue this is one of the best lots you'll see on Lake Delta.

But it's up to you to decide. Take a tour of the property and see whether or not you'd be willing to fork up $1.5 million for a place like this.

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