The shores of the Hudson River will expand and the water will become more shallow for a period of time in one local community. Kinda scary to think about what might pop up. So what's causing the river to recede? It's actually a planned project that may affect water levels for several months.

Long needed maintenance on a northern Capital Region dam will require water levels in the river to be dropped by about eight feet for a period of time while crews work on the structure. The levels will drop in the area of Glens Falls and South Glens Falls around the Route 9 bridge.

Boralex, the company that operates the dam, says work will begin in mid to late June. They say they will try and get their work done as soon as possible. But, this throws a wrench in the works for anyone looking to jump in the water at Haviland Cove Beach along the Hudson River in Glens Falls. With the low water levels, the city will be closing the beach until the maintenance is completed. That is expected to take up much of the summer, according to the Glens Falls Post Star.

The Boralex website says the South Glens Falls hydro power plant provides clean energy to an estimated 6,000 people in the area annually.

Updates will be made as the work progresses. Boralex says progress can be monitored from a special page set up via their website

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Abandoned Castle on Hudson River

In 2019 Ice Jams Caused Boats to Break Free in the Hudson River [PHOTOS]

This is one of those famous moments in Capital Region history where you probably remember where you were when it happened. On the morning of Friday, January 25, 2019 at least six boats broke free in the in the Hudson River between Troy and Albany. Since it was January, all the boats were unmanned at the time, so they were at the mercy of the river current and the ice.

There had been some strange weather developing over the previous few days and ice jams formed enough to wreak havoc on the Hudson River from Troy to Albany. Several boats became dislodged starting in Troy, eventually moving down the river where many hit the Livingston Avenue bridge, which carries trains over the Hudson between Albany and Rensselaer.

One of the boats that broke free that morning was the Captain JP Cruise ship, a four level vessel and popular summer party spot. It hit the bridge and was lodged there for quite a while as crews worked to free it. There was some damage, but it was able to be repaired in time for summer.

At least six other boats were pushed down the river including the Rusty Anchor Restaurant as well as some barges and tugboats.

Several bridges were closed due to safety concerns, including the Patroon Island Bridge, which carries I-90 over the Hudson connecting Albany and Rensselaer Counties. Rescue crews with tugboats were on the scene quickly from the port of Albany to stop the runaway boats.

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