Utica, NY (WIBX) - Hundreds of homes in Utica have been identified as High Risk for lead poisoning after an inspection by the Utica Fire Department. The inspections follow a partnership with the Oneida County Health Department and the City of Utica's Rental Occupancy Permit Program that are undertaking efforts to help stop childhood lead poisoning in the area.The 300 homes found to be at High Risk are in the West Utica and Cornhill neighborhoods and County Executive Anthony Picente said it's time for accountability. He said, "The process compels them to be in compliant in terms of the State's Property Maintenance Code for chipping and pealing paint." Picente said identifying these homes has been a top priority of his administration adding, "It's a matter of public health and safety that we can work with contractors, with the public, with landlords, with our Cities, to work on home inspections and renovations so that we can address the issue of lead poisoning." Picente said the City will work with homeowners and landlords to remove the lead based paint, and added that if they don't comply in a timely manner--they will face monitary fines. He said tenants residing in the homes that were found to be at High Risk were notified of the UFD's findings.

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