When I told friends and family I would be moving to Central New York, they all responded in the same way. They all thought they were the first person to tell me to be ready for snow. Having spent a long time in Nashville, Tennessee, they felt that maybe I had gone soft and couldn't handle the onslaught of winter weather that would probably start somewhere in October and last well into May by their standards.

Well, where is it?

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I understand we are only days into December and that technically, it isn't winter. But as of this writing, it is 50 degrees out. I went for a nice leisurely walk last night to admire Christmas lights and discovered very quickly that my new fleece lined pants were going to be a little much for this outing.

It's interesting how the outsider perspective of this area was all about snow. Look, I know it is coming and when it does, it's going to be a lot. But I was expecting more by now. And certainly, I was not expecting to need a bit of AC on the drive home from work, though I tend to be rather hot anyway. That inadvertently sounded like a humblebrag and I'm going to allow it.

It is also interesting to me how I can leave my home and the grass is green and within a mile, there is a thick layer on the ground of the white stuff on the ground for the few times it has snowed since I've been here. The way the bands hit the area in very different ways is fascinating.

That outsider view of "all snow all the time" is certainly to be challenged as they are missing the true nuance and uniqueness of this area. So far, I am loving it. But am I truly prepared for the winter days ahead? I will keep you updated. Anyone have any tips?

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