Inmate visitations at the Oneida County Correctional Facility will resume on Wednesday, July 21.

Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol says the initial phase of visitations are planned for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:30AM. to 3:00AM until further notice

Maciol says visitations will be done on a trial basis to insure everyone’s health and safety

He says all visitors and inmates must be masked at all times, whether or not the person is vaccinated.  Correctional facilities are still under an active state ordered mask mandate.

COVID-19 screening and temperature checks will also be conducted.

Those wanting to visit the jail are asked to call ahead to the Sheriff’s Office at (315) 765-2380.prior to their visit.

At that time you will receive up to date COVID-19 information, instructions, and your request to visit will be confirmed.

Maciol says due to the nature of the pandemic, the requirements may change at any time and possibly without notice.

Sheriff Maciol says he’s happy to make this important announcement as there are parents, children, and siblings who have not seen their family members in person for over a year in some cases.

Video visitation has been taking place daily well before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. and is still an option and always will be.

Visitations at the facility have been closed since the COVID-19 pandemic began.


The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office has a new, state-of-the art and safe way to remotely restrain suspects who are resisting arrest.

The Bola Wrap from Wrap Technologies is a handheld restraint tool that fires a lasso-like, 8-foot Kevlar tether with hooks on each end.

The lasso wraps around a subject’s arms or legs, preventing them from fleeing, punching or kicking.

In the video below, Oneida County Sheriff's Sgt. Jason Zima demonstrates the new device on WIBX's Andrew Derminio.

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