Those who love Instagram and tweaking their photos will no longer have their favorite filters in certain locations in the United States.

The reason? Instagram and Meta has been forced to stop them because of privacy rights litigation in two states. Those who love Instagram in Texas and Illinois will have an "opt in" feature for their accounts.

The change comes after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued Meta, Instagram’s parent company, alleging it uses facial recognition technology that violates Texas law and infringes upon Texans’ privacy rights.

As for New York State's laws regarding personal privacy, there is no current report of any restrictions regarding filters on social media. However, you do have rights when it comes to others using your photo or images of you. According to at least one article:

NY Civil Rights Law §§ 50 & 51 apply​ when any person, firm or corporation uses any living person’s name, portrait, picture or voice, for advertising or trade, without written consent, or if a minor of his or her parent or guardian, within the state of New York.

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