Earlier this year, the historic USS The Sullivans captured the nation's attention when it started listing to one side. The World War II-era destroyer, which is moored at Buffalo Naval & Military Park, experienced a serious breach in its hull, and the ship began rapidly taking on water. At one point, people didn't know if the ship would be lost entirely. It wasn't looking good.

But thankfully, due to an outpouring of community support and the hard work of a dedicated group of skilled workers & volunteers, the ship was saved. Thousands of gallons of water were pumped out, and eventually after several weeks, the ship righted itself. But the good news doesn't stop there.

In late July, Senator Chuck Schumer announced that funding was secured to make extensive repairs, so that the ship could once again serve as a museum ship and receive visitors. The ship will receive $7.5 million as part of New York state's appropriations bill.

Speaking on Schumer's promise to rescue the ship, President and CEO of the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park Paul Marzello said:

In April, when we were in the worst of times, he saw the ship in some pretty dire straits, and [Schumer] promised at that time that he would be back to help. I have to say he's a man of his words, he delivered and he delivered big time.

As of now, the bill has yet to be voted on, but it is expected to pass. Great news for the historic ship.

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