There's a lot of confusion out there about whether or not people who signed up for the COVID-19 vaccination on a faulty link last week have had their appointment cancelled. The short answer is, some people have and some people haven't.

When the link to schedule the vaccination at Audelicious at the Utica Aud was deemed incorrect by the state, it was quickly announced that all of those appointments were cancelled by New York State. Shortly thereafter, many of the people who signed up last week received cancellation notices. That prompted an uproar from the public, the media and politicians across the state, including State Senator Joe Griffo.

"We immediately complained," said Griffo. "These people were innocent victims. You already have their information, why not just move them up to SUNY POLY in Marcy," he said. Despite complaints, it looked like the Governor's office was firm on the cancellation policy, stating that it wasn't fair to those who didn't have the link. WIBX's Bill Keeler also sent out an Open Letter to Governor Cuomo, criticizing the handling of the matter.

Fast forward to Thursday of this week and now several people who were signed up at Audelicious have now reported that they received a reminder that their vaccination is scheduled at SUNY POLY in Marcy. The date and time of the appointment is the original scheduled time that they previously secured at Audelicious.

Really? So, what should people do? Earlier in the week we were told that all of those appointments from last week were null and void. Now, it looks like things have changed.

It seems the state is attempting to move the appointments that weren't officially cancelled from Audelicious, to SUNY POLY. After all, they already have everybody's information.

So, here's what we know.

If you scheduled an appointment for a vaccine last week for the SUNY POLY location, you should go, unless you've received an official cancellation notice. According to Senator Griffo's office, if you made an appointment last week and received a cancellation notice, as far as we know your appointment has been cancelled. You should attempt to book a new appointment for sometime in the future.

However, if you just recently received an appointment reminder for the same date and time as the original at Audelicious, and it's been moved to SUNY POLY, you should follow the instructions and go to the new appointment at SUNY POLY, even though it was initially cancelled.

If you made an appointment last week at SUNY POLY and you have not received a cancellation notice, you should also follow through and go to the appointment.

At this point, the general consensus is to follow any instructions for the vaccine that came this week. And if you never received an official notice that your appointment was canceled, then you should still report.  However, it's important that you don't report to the Audelicious location at the Utica Aud because that is currently not a vaccination site.

Does this all sound confusing? We're pretty confident it does and the reason why, is because it is!

If you have additional questions, call the NYS Vaccination Hotline at 1-833-NYS-4-VAX (1-833-697-4829). Be ready to hold for a while as most people are reporting long wait times.

Good luck!


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