After mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, companies and municipalities here and around the nation are reviewing their 'active shooter preparedness' plans, if they have one. One local company is helping organizations in this area address the problem.

Fran Manfredo is President of Sotera Investigative Group, and he joined the Keeler Show recently to discuss what to do in an "active shooter" situation. Manfredo, a former police and fire first responder, trains people on how to prepare for what could happen anywhere.

Whether it's an active shooter, flooding, or even a fire - is your workplace, school or municipality prepared for disaster? Is there an exit plan and a strategy to deal with a danger such as what happened in El Paso and Dayton?

Listen to the complete interview here:

The Sotera Investigative Group of Utica can be contacted through their website or by calling 315-922.1964.