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Some of us thought this could finally be the year that Buffalo Bills fans got their reputation back. The Internet has lambasted Bills Mafia for years thanks to our insane tailgating antics like jumping through tables and doing shots out of bowling balls.

Frankly, compared to some of the things fans have done this season, those past high jinx were tame.

The Crazy Tailgate Antics Of Bills Mafia In 2023

So far this year, we’ve had a naked fan (who was high on LSD at the time) break into the new stadium construction site, shirtless shovelers using the stadium snow chutes as a luge, and a guy accidentally setting himself on fire. But the most outrageous (and dumb) stunt that Bills fans have pulled this year happened on Monday afternoon. 

After getting tons of snow dumped on Orchard Park, New York over the weekend, the scene at Highmark Stadium before the Bills playoff game against the Steelers was pure winter chaos. Seats inside were still piled high with snow, and parking lots were filled with mounds of massive snow banks.

As one video shows, that didn’t stop Bills Mafia from tailgating hard and finding ways to get stupid.

Wait Until You See What These Buffalo Bills Fans Did

At first, it looks like your typical tame tailgate outside the stadium, with a large group chanting the “Shout” song. However, once you see the flaming folding table, you know that something terrible is about to happen.


It doesn’t look like any of those fans were hurt, and at least no one caught fire this time - but that fall couldn’t have felt good. (Can we also mention the young child standing mere feet from the action?)

Don't get us wrong - Bills Mafia is made up of the most loyal, passionate, resilient, and amazing fans in the NFL, and we will fight anyone who says otherwise...

...but it sure doesn’t look like we're ready to shed our reputation for pregame mayhem any time soon.

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