A situation like this can ruin a vacation if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

A woman took carpooling to the next level last week after crashing into a Niagara Falls hotel.

We have heard stories about driving through businesses before, from Walmarts, Tim Hortons, Walgreens, and USPSs, just to name a few. This situation is something a little different. 

The Courtyard Marriott on Buffalo Avenue in Niagara Falls endured significant damage after a woman drove her car through the hotel walls last week. 

The driver was a 61-year-old woman, who accidentally accelerated her vehicle into the hotel. Due to where she collided with the building, the woman and her 2015 Lexus drove straight into the indoor swimming pool at the Courtyard Marriott location, according to WIVB

The woman had a 3-year-old passenger in the vehicle with her during the collision. 

Thankfully, the kind hotel employees helped the two individuals out of the vehicles so they could be evaluated for their injuries. Both were determined to be unharmed during the incident. 

It’s a scary incident, nonetheless. But fortunately, everyone is OK. 

City inspectors arrived to assess the damage to the hotel building following the accident. 

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