Everyone in Western New York has an immense amount of Buffalo pride, so this announcement of a new line of Buffalo-themed merchandise is exciting. 

And Guy Fieri’s big announcement combines Buffalo’s favorite foods and Buffalo’s favorite football team. 

However, this is a bit of an “epic Buffalo fail,” if you ask me, and there’s one big reason why. 

Who Is Guy Fieri?

Guy Fieri has a very recognizable hairdo which is easy to point out in multiple TV Shows he has been involved in. Fieri made his debut on Food Network's “Next Food Network Star” in 2006, and then he earned his own show called "Guy's Big Bite."  

But you may also recognize Guy Fieri from "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" which highlights some of the smaller, locally-owned restaurants around the country that have incredible food. 

What is Homage?

Homage is a company that pairs ultra-comfortable apparel with vintage-inspired designs, and they are an official license partner to the NFL, among other professional sports teams, so they teamed up with Guy Fieri to release this unique merchandise. 

What Is The New Merch Line?

The merch line actually covers every NFL team, but the Buffalo Bills shirt features our team and our beloved wings! 

Take a look at the design below. 

See a problem with the design?

That’s right: it says Buffalo wings, a cardinal sin for Western New Yorkers. 

One of the newly signed wide receivers, Deonte Hardy, accidentally called it a “buffalo wing” after joining the team, and the Bills PR Staff had to help him out with that one.

For the record, Buffalonians do not say "Buffalo wings." We don't even call them "chicken wings." We simply call them, "wings,” and if you don’t say just “wings” then you are clearly not from Buffalo.

If you’re interested in buying shirts, hoodies, socks, or other merch, you can find out more details here

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