It is shocking that people still attempt to pull this move in a bar or a roller rink, but some people surprisingly think that they will find success with this stunt. 

Newsflash: It’s 2024, and we’re tired of it. 

For some reason, there are people who think that a little squeeze (or a big squeeze) on the buttocks in a compliment, but that mentality is so outdated. 

Yet there are people who still do it! 

I was out with my boyfriend and his family at the Rainbow Rink in North Tonawanda, and a man about 40 years older than me came up behind me and squeezed my behind. 

That’s uncalled for. 

If you have ever experienced this, you probably felt like there was nothing you could do. After all, did anyone see it happen? Where did the person duck off to? Are they even still at the rink or the bar? 

While some people may try to convince you that a “booty squeeze” is a compliment and should be treated as such, do not be fooled. 

When someone slaps you on the butt or squeezes your behind, that is considered a crime in New York State. 

New York Forcible Touching Law

According to the law offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and under the New York Penal Code, a person has committed forcible touching “if you intentional touch the sexual or intimate parts of another person for no legitimate reason or in order to receive sexual gratification.”

Under the law, it specifically lists touching as “squeezing, grabbing, or pinching,” which can include the butt. 

When convicted of forcible touching, a person could be sentenced to up to a year in jail. It is a misdemeanor, Class A, and unlike other crimes that are similar in nature, it is not considered a felony. 

So don’t make your move on someone by squeezing their bum. There are other, more appropriate, ways to express your interest in someone, and here are some ideas: 

  • Ask the person questions and show that you are interested in his/her life. 
  • Skip the pick-up line (unless it’s totally cheesy and goofy that you’ll both laugh.) You are better off using an original opening. 
  • Don’t try to impress, because that usually fails. Eventually, the mask comes off, so you should just be yourself. 
  • Don’t ask for his/her number…give them your number. That way the ball is in their court and they don’t feel pressured to give you their number right away. Giving them the time to think about reaching out is different than what normally happens and it might just make you stand out! 
  • Feel free to compliment the person, but try to compliment them on something other than looks, (i.e. their laugh, the way they tell stories, the excitement in their eyes, etc.) People like it when you pay attention. 

While I’m no dating expert, I can assure you those 5 methods are going to help you more than an unwelcome feeling of one’s juice. 

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