Although our nation is home to some pretty famous summertime celebrations, one local fair beat out some heavy hitters to become one of America's most beloved events.

NYS Fair
NYS Fair

The New York State Fair Crowned Best State Fair in U.S.

Shout out to Syracuse! The city's 13-day bonanza beat out all the other state fairs -- yes, all of them -- and topped's list of America's favorite summer events.

Talk about living up to its slogan: A great time every time!

The New York State Fair came in fifth place overall, besting major contenders like The California State Fair, the Boston Seafood Festival, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

As for how this latest roundup of best events was determined, the website polled 3,000 families by asking them to name which summertime activity they're looking forward to most.

Why did it make the top 5?

According to the survey, families picked the New York State Fair because it celebrates the "diverse culture, agriculture, and entertainment of the state."

"The fair features a wide array of attractions, including agricultural exhibitions, live music performances, thrilling amusement rides, delicious food vendors, and various competitions and showcases. It serves as a major gathering for both residents and visitors, offering a fun-filled experience that highlights the unique aspects of New York State’s heritage and entertainment."

New York State Fairgrounds
Photo Credit - Google Maps Street View

What's coming to the New York State Fairgrounds this year?

Kicking off this year on Wednesday, August 21, families will be able to take part in a slew of exciting events. Among them include the circus, petting zoos, Iroquois social dancing, and music by artists like Chubb Checker, TLC, Dropkick Murphys, Joan Jett, Stephen Sanchez, Joey Fatone, and AJ McLean.

Plus, what's a state fair without a veritable feast of unique food? Guests were recently dazzled by items like the meat sundae, deep-fried alligator, the 2-pound New York Harvester sandwich, milky buns and so much more.

Although, the star of the fair appears to be the perfectly poured chilled chocolate milk straight from the tap. Delicious!

Courtesy of NYS Fair on Facebook
Courtesy of NYS Fair on Facebook

What other national events made the top 5?

While the New York State Fair rounded out the top five results, these next events are the most anticipated 2023 events in America.

4. The New Orleans Shakespeare Festival
3. Virginia's Sunflower Festival
2. New York City Summer Streets
1. Hawaii's Aloha Festivals

Interesting to see New York's strong showing in this annual roundup. Which event are you most excited to swing by this year?

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