As we relax and celebrate this Labor Day weekend, you may be headed out to the lake? This weekend's weather is about to feel more like Independence Day than the end of summer. With high temps in the 80's, it will feel like mid summer.

If you are near the Great Lakes this weekend, take a minute to consider the history of the lakes and all that has happened around the Great Lakes region. From lake effect snow to ship wreck stories, the Great Lakes are a major factor and part of our history.

There are some legends that seem to good to be true and this is one is pretty cool. Have you ever heard any tales or stories about Bessie the Lake Monster??


According to the story on Wikipedia:

An extraordinary sighting which was carried by local newspapers took place by the entire crew of a ship bound from Buffalo, New York, to Toledo, Ohio, in July 1892. The crew (including captain) saw a large area of water about 0.5 miles (0.80 km) ahead of them churned up and foaming. As they approached they saw "a huge sea serpent" that appeared to be "wrestling about in the waters, as if fighting with an unseen foe."

There was another spotting near a popular Buffalo vacation destination.

Crystal Beach near Fort Erie was the scene of another sighting on May 5, 1896. This time there were four eyewitnesses who watched for 45 minutes as a 30 feet (9.1 m) creature with a dog-shaped head and pointy tail churned up the water as it swam about until finally disappearing before nightfall.

This comes as just last week we learned there may be new evidence that the Loch Ness Monster is real!

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