More New Yorkers are feeling the stress of burnout and, according to one survey, this is the date workers in the state will hit a breaking point.

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Burnout Is a National Problem


More people are feeling dissatisfied with their jobs due to longer working hours and stagnant wages. Economists are sounding the alarm over this because that is the leading cause of burnout, which is in turn feuling the labor shortage across the United States.

The World Health Organization defines burnout as:

 Burn-out is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is characterized by three dimensions:

1. Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion;
2. Increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one's job; and
3. Reduced professional efficacy.
Burn-out refers specifically to phenomena in the occupational context and should not be applied to describe experiences in other areas of life.

As for how this is shaping the American workforce, the American Psychological Association estimates 79 percent of all American employees are feeling work-related stress at uncomfortable levels. Furthermore, they found 3 in 5 American workers are experiencing negative impacts of work-related stress and that's affecting their job performance by sapping their motivation and energy.

American workers have long complained about the blurring lines between their work and home lives. With the rise of smartphones, employees can now be contacted at any hour of the day. Many complain that they miss the days of clocking out and being able to fully unplug after a long day of work.

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Now, that trend has all but disappeared and it's grown to the point that nearly 3 in 4 American workers want some sort of legislation to bar their employers from contacting them outside of working hours.

Research from Skynova found that roughly 63.3% of employees say it should be illegal for employers to contact them outside of work. As for what can be done to dissuade bosses from hitting up their workers after working hours, 45% believe there should be a fine while 39.5% would want a company to be reprimanded.

But since no laws against that have been passed, people still find themselves working well past their allotted hours. In fact, 64.2% admitted to answering their boss when contacted outside of work.

And, thus, is further fueling the burnout crisis.

New York's D Day

Winter Blues Beckon As Daylight Hours Foreshorten
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Chronic workplace stress is becoming a wider issue across the American workforce. Here in New York, which embraced the work-from-home trend, workers began complaining of being micromanaged by their bosses, who would track their productivity.

According to a new survey by Software Connect, workers say they are feeling more exhausted while on the job and that is feuling resentment toward the entity that pays their bills.  Some admit this extreme exhaustion is impacting their overall job performance, which is a classic sign of the onset of burnout.

And what Software Connect did was predict the exact date when workers in each state will hit their breaking point.  As for how this was determined, 3,000 workers were surveyed to help pinpoint the day the average worker succumbs to burnout.

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On a national level, the average burnout date was July 1st, or 183 days into the 2024 calendar year. For New Yorkers, the date has been set to June 20th.

Certain professions will hit their breaking point a lot earlier, with lawyers in the Empire State feeling the brunt of their work fatigue on June 10.

While New York's burnout date isn’t great,employers here can be thankful that they aren't based in Delaware. People there are predicted to hit their boiling point as soon as March 19th, 2024.

Can Burnout Be Fixed?

tired man on bed working on computer irritated red eyes

There are a few ways to manage workplace stress and keep a cool head during the crazier parts of the workday.

The Mayo Clinic has several steps to help workers recognize their mental health is slipping and take action. The organization says follow these steps to alleviate the symptoms of burnout and regain control.

1. Look at your options. Talk to your boss about your concerns. Maybe you can work together to make changes or solve problems. Set realistic goals for what must get done. Find out what can wait. If things at work are not likely to change, you might look for a job that would be a better fit for you.
2. Seek support.. Ask co-workers, friends or loved ones for support. Talking to others might help you cope. Feeling like you belong protects against burnout. If your job offers an employee assistance program, look at the services offered.
3. Try a relaxing activity. Look for activities that can help with stress. Examples are yoga, meditation or tai chi. Something as simple as taking some deep breaths a few times a day can help relieve tension.
4. Get some exercise. Regular physical activity can help you cope with stress. It also can take your mind off work.
5. Get some sleep. Sleep restores well-being and helps protect your health.
6. Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is being aware of what's going on inside you and around you without judging or reacting. This practice can help you deal with what's happening on the job.

Jeff Budiac from Software Connect, says this study should be taken seriously by the American workforce by both employees and employers. He hopes this survey will help all parties reevaluate the work-life balance in the digital age.

Meaning, in an age where employees are constantly accessible, certain boundaries should be erected. The workforce only stands to benefit from it.

New York's Most Miserable Cities

According to Road Snacks, these are New York's 10 most miserable cities because apparently everything is going wrong there.

As for what determines how miserable a city is, Road Snacks compared 169 cities using Census data and other scientific stuff from other "legitimate" sources. They looked into divorce rates, commute times, cost of living, and other statistics to whip up this "fun" new list.

In the end, these 10 cities were deemed to be the gloomiest in New York State.

Gallery Credit: Megan

The Top 10 Dumbest Cities in New York State

According to Road Snacks, New York isn't just one of the dumbest states in the nation - they claim to have found the top 10 dumbest cities in the Empire State.

As for what determines a "dumb" city, Road Snacks compared 163 cities with 5,000 or more residents, to find those with the largest population of those who never finished high school. The survey used Census data and "scientific stuff" from other "legitimate" sources to find the 10 areas with the highest concentration of high school dropouts.

Road Snacks argues that not finishing high school puts one at a significant disadvantage in life. The study adds that the areas with the highest percentage of adults without a high school degree should shine a light on the state as a whole.

In the end, these 10 cities were deemed to be the dumbest in New York State.
That said, the company is not calling these cities "dumb" - so if you have an issue, take it up with Road Snacks. We're just reporting their findings.

Gallery Credit: Megan


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