New York is home to some beautiful places and, according to a major travel guide, is the state with some of the most picturesque towns in the country.

Charming Towns Await

NC Travel Guides compared 500 of the nation's small towns and prepared a list of the most beautiful. Determining factors included scenic beauty, historical architecture, quaint streets, and unique charm. In the end, the group determined the nation's 120 must-see destinations.

jonathansloane from Getty Images Signature
jonathansloane from Getty Images Signature

Topping the roundup was Fredericksburg in Texas, which offered high marks in being a photographer's dream and for having an ultra-welcoming neighborhood.

And while it would be nice to have bragging rights for being #1, New York still made a splash on the list with having some of the most entries. One of them made the top 10 and four landed in the top 25.

Which New York Towns Made the Cut?

Earning a spot on the roundup, but in the lowest place for a New York locality was Lake Placid, which finished in 93rd place. Coming one spot above was Clayton, which is located in Jefferson County.

Lake Placid earned the most points for its welcoming community while Clayton was praised for being the perfect place for shutterbugs.

DenisTangneyJr from Getty Images Signature
DenisTangneyJr from Getty Images Signature

Further up the list were Cold Spring and Woodstock, finishing in 78th and 77th place, respectively.  Bowing in 70th place was Rhinebeck.

In the upper-crust portion of the roundup was Saratoga Springs, which cracked the top 50 and secured a 44th place finish. The area could earn a major boost in the rankings come this summer when the Belmont Stakes moves to their tracks for the next few years.

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From there, the remaining towns from New York State made it into the top 25.

In 22nd place was Lake George, followed by Hudson in number 21. NC Travel Guides heaped praise on both areas.

When promoting Lake George, the travel guide said:

The picturesque small town of Lake George, NY, is located at the southernmost point of Lake George. The town offers amazing views of the lake and great views of the Adirondack Mountains. Furthermore, the town is home to historic landmarks, picturesque colorful houses, and beautiful nature.

As for Hudson, the outlet wrote:

Hudson, New York, is a charming town that is packed with historic architecture, mesmerizing nature, and historic landmarks. The Hudson Athens Lighthouse, constructed in 1874 and located in the Hudson River, is one of the most photogenic landmarks. Other interesting places in Hudson are the FASNY Museum of Firefighting and the Hudson Hall.

Greenport bowed in 18th place and was praised for being "a charming town with a great maritime atmosphere, is home to stunning historic buildings, including old lighthouses." Visitors can also ride a vintage carousel from the 1920s and enjoy scenic vineyards.

And, finally, coming in as the most picturesque town in all of New York State with a 9th place finish in the entire country was Beacon.

luxitrix from Getty Images
luxitrix from Getty Images

Said the outlet:

Beacon, NY, can be found along the Hudson River. With beautiful nature, great water elements, and picturesque shops, this photogenic town makes for an incredible getaway. Especially during fall, you’ll be charmed by the town’s beauty because of the beautiful fall foliage in Beacon.

Who Made the Top 10?

For those craving an adventure that is sure to give their cameras a workout, below are the top 10 prettiest places America has to offer.

  1. Fredericksburg, TX
  2. Cedarburg, WI
  3. Orange Beach, AL
  4. Portsmouth, NH
  5. Madison, GA
  6. Isle of Palms, SC
  7. Augusta, KY
  8. Westport, CT
  9. Beacon, NY
  10. Westfield, NJ

While New York has the second-most picturesque small towns in America, Texas beat out the Empire State with 15 total entries. Georgia finished in third with 7 overall entries.

You can read more about the roundup HERE.

Have you visited any of these places? Let us know what you thought of them in the comments below.

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