You may remember a time when you were a kid, where you looked up at the night sky. You could look and try to make out the constellations, airplanes, and even some unexplained lights.

We have all seen things in the night sky that don't make much sense. Most of the time, there's a logical explanation; such as a satellite or perhaps the faint sighting of a planet, such as Venus. There's also brighter stars than usual.

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This, however, is really fascinating. That's because this is not something you see very often in a night sky.

Kevin O'Neill of WGRZ posted this video of lights in the night sky. It appears as a string of lights that cut across the sky in Western New York.

Then the lights fade away. This video is even more fascinating for onlookers.

This is exactly what I saw a week ago, looking up in the clear night sky around 10 pm in South Buffalo. It lasted about five minutes before disappearing entirely.

Despite the off nature of the lights, it looks like this was Starlink satellites, which create this visual effect.

SpaceX confirmed the launch of the Starlink satellites last week, so it lines up with wat these lights were over New York.

It's really cool to watch. The string of lights literally fades away. It's pretty bright too. It would make sense why these satellites would catch the attention of those who love to look up at the night sky.

Have you seen them?

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