Pizza is the number one food in the United States. Whether it's a national chain or a local pizzeria, pizza is a food that goes with every single occasion and even when it's not good, it's still enjoyed.

New York state takes its pizza very seriously.

New York City style pizza is what many Americans think of when it comes to pizza; that thin crust with a savory pizza sauce.

Old Forge Pizza is famous and dates back many years in New York, with its square, Detroit-like style to it. There's also Buffalo style pizza, which is slightly thicker than New York style, with sweeter tomato sauce and cup-and-char pepperoni.

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Chain pizzerias don't dominate as much in this state as the local places. However, there are plenty of Pizza Hut, Domino's, Little Caesar's and Papa John's locations. One of those chain pizzerias stands out above the rest for the worst-rated pizzeria in the state.

If you search for the worst-rated pizzeria in New York, this Domino's location comes up immediately on Yelp.

It's located on Rockaway Pkwy. in Brooklyn, NY. Believe it or not, it has a one-star review on Yelp. Out of 100-plus reviews, 90 percent of the reviews have given this Domino's a one-star review...

The first review from Maurice says simply, "this has to be the worst Domino's Pizza in all of America."

The reviews seem to say that the customer service is horrible and some pretty crazy delivery stories, which Domino's is known for, more than any other national chain pizzeria.

Many reviewers on Yelp say this Domino's is a scam and that it "needs to be closed." It's hard to find a review for a restaurant location that is worse than this particular Domino's Pizza in Brooklyn.

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