One woman is ready to literally risk it all for Beyoncé tour tickets!

On Reddit, a series of anonymous text messages show a woman begging her fiancé for Beyoncé tickets despite the fiancé reminding her that they're saving up for a house.

"You don't have to get me a V day gift or a b day gift I just want to see Beyoncé," the woman writes.

The man reminds her that they agreed not to spend money "on entertainment" and that they have been trying to save up to buy a house for 10 months.

However, the woman doubles down, calling Queen Bey's Renaissance world tour a "once in a lifetime thing."

"We made a deal to NOT waste money on stuff like that. Her tickets start at $600 for nosebleed without taxes and fees. We can't do it," the man replies, telling her to "stay focused."

The woman doesn't back down, however, instead asking for the $1,000 she had apparently contributed toward their house.

"You're telling me Beyoncé is more important than our dream house?" the man asks.

"I want my money," she replies, before the man calls off their engagement.

"What? So you're breaking up with me for asking for MY MONEY! Fine!" she shoots back.

Reddit users shared their thoughts about the argument in the comments section.

"It’s interesting she claimed to have contributed 'at least' $1000 ... her not correcting the $710 makes me think she definitely knew it was less and hoping he wouldn’t remember, she def wanted extra ticket money," one person pointed out.

"Good now she can have fun singing 'ALL THE SINGLE LADIES,'" someone else joked.

"The fact she has only put forth $700 in almost a year and that’s she’s willing to throw it all away on a stupid concert is past a red flag," another wrote.

"Guy dodged a bullet. Good for him. Hope he takes HIS money and goes on a vacation," someone else agreed.

Others called the woman "cringe," while one person quipped, "Bey out here saving men from expensive divorces."

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