A Disney content creator who recently joined the company's college program pleaded for help on TikTok after her luggage was seemingly stolen.

"So I'm starting my Disney college program today, and I left my luggage in a random staircase," Maddie Payton tearfully says in her viral video, explaining she was "trying to hide it while I went to Starbucks."

"I came back, and everything is gone," she continues, pleading with the Orlando community to "do the right thing" and turn the bags in to the police.

The content creator notes that everything in her bags, if lost for good, would be replaceable except for her birth certificate, which would be the "one thing that isn't replaceable."

"It was everything I had in two suitcases," she wrote over the clip, which has been viewed 31,000 times as of publishing.

Many viewers were baffled by the fact that she left her bags unattended in a stairwell — in busy Orlando, of all places.

"I’m sorry, but why would you leave something containing your birth certificate and documents in a STAIRWELL?" one person wrote in the comments section.

"Was the Starbucks worth it?" someone else snarkily commented.

"Don’t you think she’s already asking herself this? It was a mistake, and fortunately, we learn from those. Have some empathy," another viewer wrote, empathizing with Maddie's mistake.

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Fortunately, in an update posted not long after her initial video, Maddie announced that her missing bags were found.

"Thanks Reedy Creek & Disney," she captioned a video showing her luggage bags safe and sound.

Maddie Payton's TikTok account is filled with Disney-related videos, including one where she hints at what her Disney college program role will be.

The video, set to "Pure Imagination" from the Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory soundtrack, led viewers to guess that she might be working in the confectionery or possibly in Fantasyland.

She also gave a tour of her Disney college program apartment in a separate video after the lost bag debacle.

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