What the flock! Egg prices are on the rise again in New York.

Your morning plate of bacon and eggs will cost you more as another bird flu outbreak is hitting poultry farms across the country.

1.6 million hens and nearly 340,000 young chickens had to be killed at America’s largest egg producer, Cal-Maine Foods after some tested positive for avian influenza. Production at the Texas plant has stopped while the company follows USDA protocols.

"HPAI is still present in the wild bird population and the extent of possible future outbreaks, with heightened risk during the migration seasons, cannot be predicted."

It's not just in Texas either. The bird flu was recently discovered at a poultry facility in Michigan.

Bird Flu Strain At Suffolk Poultry Farm Confirmed As Infectious H5N1
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Bird Flu in Humans

The human health risk from HPAI viruses is considered to be low, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but it is possible.

One person recently contracted the H5N1 avian influenza strain in Texas. Luckily it wasn't fatal.

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New York has reported about 50 cases of avian influenza in wild birds this year.

Avian flu outbreak in U.S.
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Egg Prices

According to the latest Consumer Price Index eggs rose to $3 in February. That's up from around $2 in the fall but down from the record $4.82 in January 2023.

Prices are now at the highest level since April 2023. However, you can still find a deal if you shop around.

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A dozen large Price Chopper eggs are $4.39
Hannaford large white eggs $3.95
Good & Gather large white eggs $1.99 at Target
Great Value large eggs at Walmart are $2.48

You can also pick up fresh eggs from Central New York farmers. You're supporting locals and doing your body a favor by eating healthier.

Credit - Walmart
Credit - Walmart

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