What happens to the famous Rockefeller Christmas tree after the holiday season is over?

It's actually turned into affordable housing. For more than a decade the tree has been milled into lumber for use in Habitat for Humanity homes.

From Rockefeller Center to NJ Mill

The tree is sent to a mill in New Jersey where it's cut into pieces. Then it's off to a landscaping company where the wood is dried in a kiln, milled, and planed. The finished beams are then shipped to the Habitat affiliate, according to the Rockefeller Center.

Lumber from the 2011 and 2014 Trees was used to build the framework of multiple homes in Philadelphia. Wood from the 2007 Tree was used to build a new home with a family in Pascagoula, Mississippi that was displaced by Hurricane Katrina. In Bridgeport, Connecticut, a few beams from the 2013 Tree were incorporated into every home built for several years.

Rockefeller Stamp

Some Habitat homes have exposed pieces of lumber branded with stamps commemorating its time as the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

2022 Rockefeller Christmas Tree

The 2022 Rockefeller Christmas tree was an 82-foot 90-year-old Spruce. It came from the Lebowitz family who donated the tree from their yard in Queensbury, New York.

There's no word on where the home will be located with wood from this year's Christmas tree.  But usually, it's in the same state where the tree came from in the first place.

10 Years of Christmas Trees in Rockefeller Center

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