Even though you may save at shopping at some New York Dollar Store locations, are you really saving? There are many items you should never buy.

It's weird that we live in a world where the Dollar Tree has items for sale that aren't always a dollar. When they raised their prices to $1.25, it got shoppers across New York thinking, is it always worth it?

According to CNN Business, when Dollar Tree moved their prices to $1.25, the strategy wasn’t necessarily just to keep up the rapid inflation that’s affected thousands upon thousands of products. It was also to offer shoppers better quality products. But.....are they really better quality products?

Dollar Tree was forced to discontinue several “customer favorites,” the company previously said, because it couldn’t keep them under $1 — particularly packaged and frozen foods and household essentials.

Since the price change, Dollar Tree has since brought back some of the fan favorite items at $1.25 and expanded its offerings of meat, pizza, breakfasts and other consumable items. For some reason, you will find out very unique breakfast items at the Dollar Tree. Seriously, go check it out.

Dollar Tree always has nice small holiday decorations, including their Christmas Village items, during the summer you can save on pool noodles, and during the fall time they are a nice place to shop for small holiday decorations.

Are all the items at dollar stores a great value? Several major publications did a deep dive into their products and determined that the answer was “no.” We looked at their claims and compared some prices.

These are the 11 items you should never get at the Dollar store, seriously, even if you think its super cheap and a good deal:

11 Items You Should NEVER Buy at an New York Dollar Store

$1.25 sounds like a great price, but is it a great value for these products? According to several major publications, no.

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

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