Looking to skip baking pies for Thanksgiving 2023? Just buy them in the Upstate and Central New York region from these 19 places.

Why is pie a Thanksgiving tradition?

According to Derby Pie, historians have traced pies origins to the ancient Greeks.

Early pies were not what we think of today when we think of pie. Initially, the pastry or crust was simply the vessel used to cook the filling inside of it – they were even called “coffins” – and later, pie crusts were used as a method to preserve the spiced-meat mixtures that were most commonly used to fill them with."

Do you think apple first or pumpkin? The first recorded instance of a pumpkin pie recipe came in a 1653 English cookbook. Also, contrary to popular belief, pumpkin pie was not a part of the first Thanksgiving.

So why is it important?

Time is a precious commodity during the holiday hustle, and opting for ordered pies can be a significant time-saver. Avoid the prep work, the baking, and cleanup that comes with making pies from scratch. Time saved in the kitchen means more quality moments with family and friends.

There Is No Way That This Is New York States Most Popular Pie

In the land of apple country, aka we are have a city we call the Big Apple, you would assume New York State's most popular pie was Apple.....Well, you know what they say when you assume. According to our sources, New York States most popular pie is Boston Cream. So, people are ordering more Boston Cream than any other. You can read more here.

Where To Order Your Pies

We asked all over social media on where to order pies. Here's our top results from you. IF we missed any spots, text us on our station app:

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