Where do you think the most unhealthy city is in New York State?

24/7 Tempo went out and researched the most unhealthy cities in each state. They looked at factors such as quality of the local health care system, public health policy, culture, environment, and the economy. Why look at this data? It all has an impact on the overall health of a population.

To measure and rank the health of the population in cities in every state, 24/7 Tempo calculated an index using eight health measures such as potential life lost, smoking rate, and percentage reporting fair or poor health, using data from the 2023 County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program of the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

Through their research, 384 metro areas were considered the least healthy one in every state. So who made the list for New York State?

All data collected was aggregated from the county level to the metropolitan level using boundary definitions from the U.S. Census Bureau and was weighted by county population. Supplemental data on median household income is from the Census Bureau’s 2021 American Community Survey and are one-year estimates.

The Most Unhealthy City In New York State Is...

In New York State, their data says that Elmira is the unhealthiest:

New York: Elmira
> Adults in fair or poor health: 12.5% (state: 11.8%)
> Adult smoking rate: 19.1% (state: 12.3%)
> Adult obesity rate: 33.0% (state: 26.5%)
> Median household income: $60,219 (state: $74,314)"

Do you agree with these findings? Do you feel Elmira is the most unhealthy city in all of New York State? Let us know when you text us on our station app.

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