Target has just announced that they would be making some major changes to their New York locations. Here's what we know about Target's new rule:

According to ABC News, Target has announced that it would switch its regular self-checkout to express self-checkout. The new concept would be reserved for customers with 10 items or fewer. This is for over 2000 Target locations nationwide:

"The change was brought into effect as of Sunday, March 17, at most of the company’s 2000 locations nationwide."

So again, self-checkout is now for 10 items or less, unless stated otherwise.

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So Why Did Target Make This Change?

Dominick Reuter, a senior reporter at Business Insider, said the change is due to whats called "Partial Shrink":

"Which is when a shopper perhaps either accidentally or intentionally doesn’t scan all of the items in their order. So, some of the stuff goes out the door without having been paid for."

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Target had tested out the program at about 200 of its stores last fall. Target added the swap out was introduced to help improve efficiency and customer experience.

Have you noticed any sort of difference happening at your local Target? Does it make shopping any easier, or more frustrating? Text us on our station app to let us know.

Dollar General and Walmart Made Changes Too

Dollar General and Walmart also pulled out some of their self-checkout stands in stores recently. This was due to the amount of theft happening at these checkouts. Dollar Tree, which also owns Family Dollar, said it intends to close roughly 1,000 stores due to declining revenue, not from stolen goods. You can read more online here.

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