An award-winning Capital Region pizzeria was recently the subject of a pizza review video, done by Dave Portnoy and the crew at Barstool Sports. After taking home a Caputo Cup, one of the top prizes at the World Pizza Championship in Italy, the pies at Romo's Pizza in Glenmont faced another tough test: the test buds of the ultimate pizza reviewer.

In one of the more unique pizza review video twists we've seen, Portnoy visited Romo's twice during the course of the summer, and both he and the family who owns the restaurant got a bit emotional during his second trip to Glenmont.

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Dave Portnoy Visits Romo's Pizza, Then Returns One Month After Pizza Review

In a video that lasted over 15 minutes on the One Bite Pizza Review YouTube page, Dave Portnoy gave his review of the pizza at Romo's Pizza in Glenmont. After the initial review had been completed, it was revealed in the video that Portnoy returned to Romo's one month later, and had a second go-around with their pie.

Here's the review video in its entirety:

Here were a few highlights from the initial review:

  • Portnoy complimented the crust on the bottom of the pizza, and the overall crisp of the slice, comparing both to the pizza made in New Haven, CT.
  • He described the top of the pizza as heavy, saying that he would not be able to eat an entire pie made this way.
  • The overall style of the pizza was described as artisanal, a statement with which the owner of Romo's disagreed.

One month after the first review was completed, Portnoy returned to Romo's, at which time he playfully accused the owner, Anthony Berghela, of stalking him at his home in Saratoga Springs.

That exchange quickly turned into a positive, as Berghela took Portnoy on a tour of the grounds around Romo's, and introduced him to his family, including his mother. The review took a turn for the emotional, as Berghela told the story of how his mother left her job as a florist to join his staff at Romo's, helping her son at the restaurant when he was heavily under-staffed.

It is truly an incredible story, and it took place right here in the Capital Region.

In the review itself, Portnoy scored the pizza at Romo's a 7.9 out of 10, tying it with Marisa's Place for the top pizza scored by Barstool Sports in the Capital Region in 2023. That said, Portnoy sampled a different pizza during his second trip to the restaurant, one which he said "would've scored in the eight's" had he tried it the first time.

Click here to check out the Romo's Pizza website. You can visit it at the location shown in the map above.

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