A leaked map shows the areas of New York State that are most at risk of being targeted in a nuclear war.

New York officials recently released tips that Empire State residents should know about to be prepared for a nuclear attack.

You can see the list of tips below or CLICK HERE.

Officials didn't say why they released the tips, but since the tips were released, more and more reports are warning about potential sites of nuclear attacks.

Viral Map Shows New York Locations Most At Risk Of Nuclear War

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Getty Images

A map created by CBS News that shows the parts of the United States that are most at risk of nuclear war is trending again.

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CBS News states the map was created "using data from FEMA and the National Resources Defense Council."

Hudson Valley, New York City, Long Island At Risk of Nuclear War


The map highlights many parts of New York, including the Hudson Valley, New York City and Long Island.

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CLICK HERE to see the full map. Note: you can click enlarge the map.

Since the map was released FEMA pushed back stating "FEMA does not, and has not, released any type of formal map of potential nuclear targets."

Vladimir Putin's U.S. Nuclear Targets Uncovered

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The CBS map was created in 2015. It's likely going viral again due to growing concerns regarding Vladimir Putin and the ongoing Russian war with Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin's nuclear targets in America were recently uncovered. You can see those locations below:

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Vladimir Putin's U.S. Nuclear Targets Uncovered

New York Issues Tips To Prepare For 'Nuclear Attack'

Nuclear Fallout Shelter Sign
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The New York City Emergency Management released the list. See the tips below:

New York Issues Tips To Prepare For Nuclear Attack

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